Jun 4

Vainsmith “Ode To Denzel”

The Virginia-based rapper Vainsmith released a new track dedicated to Denzel Washington.

“If you’re a movie buff like me then you know that Denzel Washington was and is still the man. He’s played in some of my favorite films like Mississippi Masala, He Got Game, Training Day, Remember The Titans, Malcom X, The Preachers Wife and honestly the list goes on. I’ve been wanting to do a track like this for a while but I never been in the head space to actually do it. After a month of not releasing any music I am happy to have released this to start the month of June off. I hope you enjoy the track. More to come as always! Peace & Love.”

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Posted by Andrei Daniel

One comment

  1. musicmama says:

    love the song

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